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A Story of Success

Superior Locksmith Pros is a family owned business with more than 20 years of experience in the locksmith industry. We started pretty much like every one else: making copies and unlocking simple locks for our neighbors. However, we soon saw the importance of extensive training, investing in high quality tools and expansion.
It was a long way, but we are proud of our accomplishments so far. We serve our community and have opened several shops in the area to make sure more people have access to top quality locksmith services.

Right now, all of our master locksmiths are licensed and certified in various fields, giving us unparalleled advantages when dealing both with simple, traditional locks, and industrial-grade high security systems. Give us a call, or visit us anytime to see what our experts can do for you, your car or your business.

We envision ourselves as the top choice for property owners seeking reliable, high quality locksmith services. To that end, we’ve made it our mission to provide the most advanced technology and the best service. We want to work tirelessly for our customers’ safety and security, so they can sleep soundly. And we want to do this at the most affordable price possible, to help as many as we can.
Our values revolve around trust. We value honesty, reliability, punctuality and exclusive quality. At Superior Locksmith Pros, we believe that building trust is the best strategy to achieve our mission.


Superior Locksmith Pros

When we provide a quote, you know you can count on that number being rock-solid and clearly broken down. When we send you a locksmith, you know you can count on them being a certified professional. That’s what Superior Locksmith Pros means – people you can trust..

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